The way forward: Using self-help technology to rehabilitate patients


Aged Care Study Tour Blog #3.

The Danes are an impressive bunch. They’re creative and innovative, yet they have an authentic philosophy to still keep things simple and effective. Today’s session proved just that.

We toured the Tranehaven Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre in Copenhagen; a centre that offers rehabilitation services based on your life situation. It accommodates a small group – up to 83 hospitalised patients – who receive personal care, support and guidance to increase their autonomy.

The centre uses a simple  device that allows patients to perform self rehabilitation in the privacy of their own home, whilst still receiving professional monitoring and feedback from their therapist.

The application is called ICURA – Mobile Interactive Training.

ICURA is a health education training technology that supports remote monitoring and increases patient self-help. ICURA consists of ICURA trainer and ICURA activity, each made up of modules and exercises adapted to different diagnoses and target group, and the programs are customised for individual users.

ICURA activity consists of a mobile phone and motion sensor, which jointly detects and compares activity level, simple exercises and day-to-day tasks. Steps, pose and movement are measured throughout the day.
The ICURA platforms have been developed in collaboration with professional therapists from four Danish municipalities and have been tested intensively in collaboration with therapists and clinicians, with a user satisfaction of 96%.
Is this the future of everyday rehabilitation in the aged care sector? I believe the ICURA device is just one example of a simple and effective tool that can lead the way for future home training – a mobile, flexible and motivating approach to rehab that can help people achieve a better quality of life by remaining independent at home for longer.

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