Public & Private Infrastructure

Constructing the fundamental facilities that serve our country

There is nothing more important than the infrastructure that shapes and progresses a nation.

Woollam Constructions are proud to be contributing to both the government and private sectors by designing and constructing hospitals, emergency services, schools, universities, transport hubs, community facilities and public areas.

While we have an interstate reach, our focus is locally orientated. Our priorities focus on fostering sustainable progress through local development opportunities and supporting local businesses and trades.

We place effective emphasis on a high level of consultation and relationship contracting between all parties in the design, development and construction of public and private infrastructure to maximise the efficiency of both existing and new facilities.

Working together sets us apart.
The construction of the MECC leaves a lasting legacy. It’s a facility that plays a pivotal role in enhancing the region’s prospects…your delivery of t…
Col Meng(Former) Mackay MayorMackay Entertainment and Convention Centre


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