Building gateways to our regional centres

Woollam Constructions are specialists in airport design and construction, delivering 13 regional airport projects since 2005.

From terminal sites in far North Queensland, down to New South Wales and over to coastal Western Australia, we are experienced in handling the challenges of remote work and the complexities of working in a heavily regulated industry such as aviation.

Like any other D&C projects, we employ sophisticated design management procedures for the design of airport infrastructure. We understand the specific technical aspects of airport terminal construction and effectively action critical management tasks for an optimal project outcome.

We focus on:

  • The safety and comfort of passengers and airport employees
  • Zero impact to scheduled flights
  • Continuity of airport operations
  • Strong working relationships with clear lines of communication between stakeholders
  • Timely completion
Working together sets us apart.
Woollam ensured this project remained on schedule with minimal disruption to airport operations through a flexible, professional approach. They managed construction proactively with particular…
Brian LoweContract Project ManagerMackay Airport Pty Ltd


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