The new world of aged care assistive technology


Aged Care Study Tour Blog #2.

Our Aged Care Development Manager Danny Hammon shares his visit to the Centre of Assistive Technology in Copenhagen…

“Picture a specialised testing facility; an ‘innovation’ hub where professional therapists test new products that assist the elderly.

A place that the best minds collaborate, innovate, develop and test inventions against one common goal – creating greater mobility, independent lifestyles and an increased quality of life for the elderly.

We viewed some amazing products. The future of assistive technology is an exciting space, and makes great headway for more comfortable and independent living for our aging population.

The centre reviews, tests and advises on new products and innovations, and conducts workshops and educational seminars for therapists, citizens and caregivers to assist finding the right assistive aids.

They engage with prospective recipients to determine the most suited aids for their individual needs.

Essentially, they provide ground-breaking options for elderly and impaired to modify their home in a way that supports their needs and maintains their independence. 

This could redefine the way independent living units and care facilities are designed. Watch this space.

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