Local Focus, National Reach Case Study: Onslow Airport.


At Woollam Constructions, we pride ourselves on maintaining a highly specialized local service – whether your project is in one of Australia’s busiest cities or in the remote desert of Western Queensland – our ability to deploy teams and resource projects means reliability.

Expanding our quality-driven national reach, Woollam has been undertaking a number of projects in Western Australia’s remote Pilbara region, including designing and constructing Onslow Airport.

The development of the new Airport Terminal at Onslow is an integral part of the Wheatstone gas project in the Pilbara to service the swell of mining workers in the region.

Experienced in handling the challenges of remote work and the complexities of working in a heavily regulated industry such as aviation, the project team focused on stringent forward planning to overcome potential logistical setbacks and the short supply of trades in such a remote area, such as…

  • Operating with strict procurement scheduling.
  • Prefabricated components were used where possible to maximise cost and time effective solutions.
  • Through collaboration with consultants, Woollam designed an envelope for the terminal using an ARAMAX roof, steel frame and prefabricated prefinished Bondor panel as external/internal cladding.
  • Understanding the importance of establishing strong and reliable relationships in regional communities, Woollam engaged with a number of new local subcontractors, clients and suppliers to build an impressive and efficient finished product.

The project was supplied with a 50kw solar array as apart of the brief. Woollam along with our Energy Consultant proposed a hybrid system to increase the size of the array overtime as battery prices reduced, providing cost estimates which included Return on Investment.

Following completion of the project, Onslow Airport was awarded Non-RPT Certified Airport of the Year at the Australian Airports Association (AAA) national conference.

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