Big move from accounting to $50m golf development

February 6, 2021 – The Courier Mail

At 23, Carolyn Cox was managing a $24 million construction. Now at 26 she has set her sights on a build worth twice that.

At 26, a former accounting student who leapt into construction on a gut feeling is now in charge of building a $50 million retirement village with up to 200 workers a day.

Carolyn Cox is project manager of the luxury Aura Holdings “Somerset Indooroopilly” development being constructed on the Indooroopilly Golf Club.

The Brisbane woman said she was studying accounting at university when she walked past a construction site on her way to an exam one day.

“I pretty quickly worked out that this probably wasn’t what I wanted and I was literally walking to one of the exams for accounting and I walked past a really big construction site in the city,” she said.

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