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Woollam managed the design and construction of the new $22 million Bundamba Bunnings Warehouse. The project team, led by Project Manager Mick McGown, overcame the challenges of planning and approval for the warehouse in a complex construction environment to deliver a phenomenal project.

The ambulatory boundary shown on the DA was in the wrong location. Parts of Bundamba Creek were under the perimeter road. This meant Bundamba Creek had to be moved so that the approved building footprint would fit. This process involved engagement with a number of stakeholders; DERM, DEPH, DTMR, Ipswich City Council, community groups, local schools and Bunnings.

The creek was realigned and replanted, and Woollam was awarded the 2016 Stormwater QLD Awards for Excellence in Strategic or Master Planning – Collaborative Corridor Plans – Bundamba Creek & Ironpot Creek.

On top of this, the site is flood prone and was under approximately 1.5 meters of water in the 2011 floods. Because the lift and travellator could be flooded in a 1:20 year event, the client requested that Woollam investigate, design and procure a means of protecting the foyers at ground level.

The ultimate system was a series of flood gates combined with insitu concrete walls. These gates were manufactured by Flood Control International in Germany, and fitted by specialist contractors sent from the UK. Australia is yet to codify and create Australian Standards for flood protection.

On completion of the work, temporary shutters were manufactured locally out of sheet steel, installed to the perimeter, and filled to 1600mm high, replicating a flood. The performance of the doors, floors and walls was exemplary. This pioneering from the Bundamba team has resulted in protection of building assets worth in excess of $1M; with the potential loss of trade to Bunnings post flood event now arrested.


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