Building a Legacy: Mark Swanton


In a fast-paced world where the rate of staff turnover is increasingly swift, Woollam Constructions is proud to pay due respect and gratitude to a number of long-service legends who have helped build a legacy for the company. Mark Swanton, who worked with Woollam for more than 40 years, is one of those legends.

Starting as an Apprentice Carpenter in 1971, and working as Leading Hand and Site Manager, he was instrumental to landmark projects in Mackay such as the Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre, Mackay Stadium, Mackay Airport, and Quest Latitude Apartments, among many others. Mark even met his wife while “working” on a Woollam project, or so the story goes. She served him a beer at the Royal Hotel after he knocked off work on one fateful day in Inglewood, and the rest is history.

Mark is an empowering example of the value of apprentice programs. Reflecting on his long and rewarding career as part of the Woollam family, Mark says that the best thing about working for the company was that he always had “the best bosses”. He can’t speak highly enough of current Managing Director Craig and Director George, and his mentors Keith Woollam and Gus Brodel, for their inspiring and no nonsense approach to getting a job done, and having an incredible impact on his work life.

Asked if he could change one thing about the construction industry, he says “proper training for apprentices“. While he praises the mentoring he received, he would love to see an investment and passionate commitment from all trades to take on apprentices, and give them the breakthrough experience that helped him conquer the challenges of construction and make his journey so rewarding.

In recent years, Mark has moved from his second home on site to spend time at his real home to focus on his health. Mark expresses his gratefulness to Queensland Health, Kidney Support Network and all who have offered their support. To find out how you can register as an organ donor, click here.

We thank Mark for his 40+ years of outstanding service, for helping shape the Woollam legacy, and wish him good health and happiness for many years to come.

It will be the legacies of people like Mark which will continue to be the backbone of Woollam Constructions today.


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