Our Culture

Innovative, cooperative, committed

Since its inception in 1884, Woollam Constructions has focused on creating long standing relationships with its clients, colleagues and most importantly – its team. Our character is distinguished by the collaborate approach of our people in their dealings with colleagues, clients and the community to achieve our promise that Working Together Sets us Apart.

The company’s broad base of experience and skills – technical and administrative – is well balanced. The experience and nous of our ‘older heads’ is complemented by recruits who brings in fresh ideas and stimulate a re-think of our approaches and systems.

Beyond secure employment, we offer all our people genuine career paths. We encourage them to take on new challenges and we recognise their individual contributions.

Safety is paramount. We make extraordinary performance demands on our people – to innovates, cooperate and commit. But the highest, non-negotiable demand is for safety. And, when you deal personally with our people, you will appreciate why we value them so highly.

The Woollam team has a clear chain of accountability with operational directors assuming ultimate responsibility for the success of projects, the wellbeing of all staff at work, and the financial stability of the company.

The vibrancy of this interaction produces ongoing improvements in our planning, construction, and administrative systems, and ensures that Woollam stays at the forefront of construction industry standards.

As diverse as we are, the professionals who comprise the Woollam team have two things in common: a passion for quality and a belief that working together will continue to set us apart.


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