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Woollam Constructions is a progressive, forward thinking company - founded 135 years ago

The evolution of Woollam has paralleled the changing face of Australia. From a small family construction business started by an optimistic migrant in the late 1800s, the company continues to create buildings for the times.

Today, Woollam Constructions is a leader in commercial design and construction, creating award winning multimillion-dollar facilities throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.

National standards, locally focused.

The Woollam name has been linked with construction in Australia since 1883 when English migrant, Thomas Woollam, established a small building and joinery business in Brisbane. His early projects included the Bank of New South Wales in Rockhampton and the iconic Breakfast Creek Hotel in Brisbane.

The company expanded to Rockhampton in 1942 to handle Defence contracts during WWII, and later re-established a permanent office in 1963. The Mackay office was opened in 1958 after Woollam won the contract to build premises for the CBC bank. In 2003, Woollam opened a Ballina Branch to service the fast growing Northern NSW region, where Woollam had been constructing since the early-1980s. In 2015, Woollam Constructions expanded their reach north by opening a Townsville Branch. In 2016, the Gold Coast office was opened, and in 2018 the Toowoomba office was established, taking Woollam’s East coast presence to seven offices.

While far more technically and financially advanced than its beginnings, Woollam Constructions’ character still reflects its genesis when reputation was ‘bankable’, prudence was a virtue, and an individual’s word was considered binding.



Thomas Woollam, a joiner from Lancashire, set sail for Australia from Scotland with his wife and three children, arriving in Brisbane on the 29th December


Thomas established a building and joinery business, working out of his family house and attached workshop at Clayfield in Brisbane


As the partnership of Woollam and Norman, the company expanded activities throughout central and north Queensland, constructing the Bank of New South Wales in Rockhampton and Breakfast Creek Hotel before the turn of the century


Thomas Woollam returned to England, and his eldest son Arthur carried on the building business during the depression and World War 1, engaged largely on Government housing jobs.


Arthur’s son, Thomas, succeeded him in 1926 and the name T F Woollam appeared on the company letterhead in 1927. It remained there for the next 80 years.


After returning from Europe where he flew with RAAF Lancaster Squadrons, Tom’s Son Keith joined the company which then became known as T F Woollam & Son Pty Ltd.


Keith’s son Grant joined the Company as an apprentice carpenter, moving to an administrative position in 1990 and becoming Managing Director in 1994.


After 16 years with the company, George Bogiatzis was appointed the role of Managing Director from March 2000, and became a shareholder in Woollam in 2003.


George steps down as Managing Director to undertake the role of Director and Chairman.Woollam Director and shareholder since 2001, Craig Percival, steps up to take the reins as Managing Director of the company.


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