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Woollam has a long and proud history designing and constructing award-winning aged care, health, airport and public infrastructure projects for both the Government and Private sector.

Aged Care

Preparing for the Future.

Public & Private Infrastructure

Leaders of Innovation.


Designing and constructing gateways to our regional centres.

Design & Construct

From concept to completion - Innovating, designing and constructing projects that last.

Working together sets us apart.

Creating iconic buildings since 1884.

As one of Australia’s original construction companies, we continue to conquer the test of time. We collaborate with industry leading architects, consultants, engineers, trades and suppliers to innovatively and intelligently plan, design, and build exceptional buildings for incredible clients.

We may be more than 134 years old, but out ironclad reliability, spirited teamwork and unconditional respect for all those who we do business with makes us the new name in competition.


Latest News:

10 year legend

Congratulations to Grant Burt on a career milestone with Woollam in 2018 – 10 years on board! Grant has been a key player on site for many of the school projects across Northern NSW, as well as being a part


10 year legend

Congratulations to Alex Hall on a decade milestone, 10 years on board! Alex has graciously lived the Woollam way of navigating regional locations and working like a travelling circus, taking on projects across Queensland and New South Wales including Charleville